A Lauds Christmas

A Lauds Christmas

Tue Mar 03, 9: Jun 02, Posts: Origins is a standalone set before they move into the new 2 x 2 model, so I expect we’ll get a complimentary F2P version with each Paper release, with MD being a platform for content delivery rather than a standalone title. On one hand, I think this is good news. They needed to do this to compete with Hearthstone and bring the series into the modern gaming era. The gulf was only getting wider each year.

the enormous concede abuse has to stop!

Player retention, in turn, has a direct effect on in-game purchases. In-game purchases, obviously, fund the continued validity of this game and all related events, prize pools, etc. Or something like that.

Mar 03,  · There is also the issue of matchmaking. It is pretty tough to even get enough players to start a game. People are so repulsed by the experience that they don’t even want to play multiplayer on MTGO.

What is the purpose of tournaments? People obviously care very deeply about them, but why? What purpose do they serve, particularly in a digital space? Here are my own answers, but I’m interested in hearing the thoughts of others. FNM doesn’t technically have to be a tournament, but it generally is because that draws a crowd. It also gets everyone there expecting to play the same format, which is important because it means that I don’t go to an event hoping to draft just to find that everyone there is playing standard.

Players enter events to test their skill, particularly at higher levels. To this end there needs to be a prize, a reasonable expectation that they can walk away with more than they started with. They also serve two purposes for developers which I’ll mark 3 and 4 to make them easier to refer to later: Of note, goals 2 and 3 are certainly at odds. If you give out as much as you take in then the tournament is rewarding but you don’t take a cut. If you take a large cut then there isn’t enough left to make the tournament rewarding.

They also compete with 1 because if players feel like a tournament is too costly they won’t join in.

The Good, The Bad, The Wildcard – Getting Started With MTGArena

The main differences between the two products are the card pool and lack of formats in Arena versus MTGO. Arena has launched with a very limited card pool which has been a breath of fresh air. I am assuming this was a design choice to try and bring in fresh blood, as MTG recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Whether by design or not the limited card pool also promotes more home-brews.

Trying different decks or card combos is one of the mainstays of what makes Magic great.

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It is without shame that Liero rides the bloodied wave unleashed by the earlier versions of Worms. With as small a change, Liero ends up completely different. So why is it still engaging? Do we, as humans, just like killing stuff? This is far from the only reason for violence, but I digress. Fighting is one of the oldest form of challenge, and a very powerful one provided both sides are roughly on equal terms.

Well, that last part is actually one of the reasons. What you need is just enough tools to avoid being predictable, add more and they may become a burden.

Mono White Aggro – Budget Standard Deck / MTG Arena (sponsored)

Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun on 9 February , 6: Bustle and business in the world of yesteryear! Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun on 7 February , 5: The charming exploration-focused platformer won over a lot of hearts, and claimed itself a few awards in the process, and so its teensy-tiny two man development team one programmer, one musician at the time set their sights a little higher.

I recently got upgraded from Australia tier internet so now I can stream. Yay. I was doing a couple of tests a few days ago and eventually got everything working how I wanted it.

One of the interesting quotes going around the block this weekend: Biz The short version of the situation was summed up by GameRant: In a February report about the worldwide digital games market, SuperData spelled out a not so positive picture for the Blizzard card game. I would kinda like to read the Superdata report itself to see if they provided more context, but the paywall is kinda significant.

Then again, perhaps that was just your sort of standard end-of-year update, and this February news showing a more concerning trend. The question I always have: Certainly for Lifecoach it was an express reason. And perhaps for the pros at the top where the delta between player skill is so razor thin, randomness effectively makes up a disproportionate amount of the outcome. You know, the expansion that came out on December 1st?

MTG Arena Guide, Tips and Tricks

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Jan 22,  · It is currently Tue Nov 13, am: Board index» Magic: The Gathering» Magic Duels» Magic Duels Decklists. All times are UTC – 6 hours [ DST].

Posted on 26 April 18 at Will arena replace duels? No, wizards and developers confirmed this and have stated that arena will be its own thing. Duels may have no support but they as of current don’t plan on shutting down servers. Duels of the planeswalkers is also currently still available and now backwards compatible. When will arena release? Currently in beta, no set date for console release. How do you know if progress for questing legend is reset?

Example, if you know you unlocked something and it pops again then chances are you have been resetted. How do I avoid being reseted?

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Aug 02,  · Welcome to the Forum Archive! Years of conversation fill a ton of digital pages, and we’ve kept all of it accessible to browse or copy over. Whether you’re looking for reveal articles for older champions, or the first time that Rammus rolled into an “OK” .

The full patch notes were posted on January Fixed Issues Fixed a crash issue with Boonweaver Giant. Fixed the issue where Aethertorch Renegade couldn’t target Planeswalkers with its second activated ability. Localization fix for the rules text of Aether Meltdown in non-English languages. Fixed an issue where players were unable to play spells or activate abilities if they had a high number of energy counters. Fixed some issues with achievements related to Rank and Versus wins unlocking at the wrong increments.

Fixed an issue where Arlinn Kord would have an erroneous loyalty box when becoming a creature planeswalker. Fixed an issue where cards exiled by Bomat Courier had visible expansion symbols when zoomed in on. Fixed an error where Planeswalkers may display an incorrect loyalty value when going to the graveyard. Fixed an issue where the “Energize” quest didn’t award the correct amount of progress for spells that give multiple energy counters.

Fixed an issue on Xbox One where the title could crash if a player was invited to a Two-Headed Giant lobby twice and then the host left the lobby. Known Issues If a player allows the timer to run out when crewing a vehicle, the vehicle will crew with the creature with the highest power. Playing cards from the Aether Revolt starter box does not count toward the “Battle of Ghirapur” quest.

Digital CCGs Decking Physical Games

The thing is, when it’s used, you should have your Cruicible out already, even if you can’t grab it yourself. And besides, who would want to destroy their own lands, unless like you they have a way to get around that? Anyways, this is your basic Land Destruction deck, with the necessary twist that the format adds. If there had been room, it would have become a Prison deck. Primal Beyond is to provide hollow space in an opponent’s deck. It’s not as good as a basic land, as it enters tapped, and then you can destroy it.

Aether Revolt is the seventh expansion card set for Magic Duels and the second set in the Kaladesh block. Release date depended on your region. The release happened late afternoon January 18th in North America, early morning on the 19th in other regions.

I may be repeating myself in this thread but in the old days that wasn’t really the norm — you took what performance you could get and optimized it the way you wanted. People might have been spoiled by the GT being able to run AAA games that were essentially Xbox ports, at a perfect 60fps, for several years. Things aren’t quite that uniform anymore but personally I’m able to accept “playable” framerates just like most people can accept “playable” framerates on consoles.

My advantage on PC is I can choose how I reach that “playable” framerate and what compromises I want to make. You don’t have to go big. A or even a Ti will make AAA games playable. This doesn’t mean that they’re wrong of course, preferences are inherently subjective, but I was not expecting the main barrier to PC gaming to be mainly psychological for so many people.

It’s so weird, I wonder how much of that is due to force of habit or entreched biases over many years. I think a ton of it just comes down to marketing. There hasn’t been a monolithic company to promote the platform as this whole trendy “experience” like the console manufactures have. With no one to really “sell” what the experience of PC gaming is really like, word-of-mouth ends up forming preconceived notions that take hold.

No developer today can justify making that kind of experience specifically to take advantage of high-end PCs and blow people’s minds the way Doom, Quake, Half-Life, and Crysis did in their respective times. Star Citizen is pretty much it and it’s being funded by a very specific audience of relatively wealthy consumers.

Regarding the Hearthstone New Player Experience

MTGArena is the newest digital offering from Wizards of the Coast that has been making waves in all sorts of communities and many of you may have actually gotten your hands on a beta key and jammed some games in the queues. I have been in the beta since day 1 and can tell you we have come a long way in a short time although there is still work to be done. Recently there was a large update that introduced full Standard into the game and Draft queues as opposed to the previous weekend event model.

With these features implemented Arena is starting to become a very legitimate platform to play Magic on. Moving forward I will be your source for all Arena news and will provide insight into playing on the platform. I can say I have been having a blast with Arena and am extremely excited for what the future might hold for this newest Magic adventure.

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Swiss-system tournament

You have to use them all at least once to earn the trophy. Keep in mind that this trophy suffers a minor glitch and the golden spell book does only count if you obtain it in race mode. All black magic must be activated in multiplayer on normal or special difficulty since only white magic is available in single player and easy difficulty multiplayer matches.

Hearthstone Just Made Me Want to Play Magic. And matchmaking? Matching deck worth vs ? What the hell? What? I can pay to harass other players? Oh I just love that. 1. it is looking to be very similar to Magic without the bad interface that MtGO has. I love TCG/CCGs. I played Magic back when Planeshift was new.

Give me a normal menu list please!!! Oh, their front end is horrid. It’s like we went back in time to the advent of Flash web sites. I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to reveal only one button label at a time. Even worse than PC , where they didn’t modify the menu from the console release? So, what are the impressions from the few that have tried ?

I like Magic, I like the basic additions they’ve had since the first DotP, but they also seem to always make quite a bit of mistakes, or weird decisions. I am still working through the campaign to unlock as many cards as I can. The AI puts up a better fight on Normal difficulty which is a bit of a shock at the start when your starter deck is still a mash-mash of ideas. The menus are rubbish as I already mentioned.

Very pretty with lot of animations but it’s also slow and cumbersome.

CSGO – Spectating a Cheater!

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