Freudian Slip

Freudian Slip

Roll Call Stories A long thread filled with cop stories over at pistol-forum. If you ever wondered why cops get cynical and crusty, stories like these might be part of it. The thread starts with an idea, and it doesn’t really get rolling for a couple of pages, but then it’s stuff like this: So I am working graveyard in patrol. I am cruising the “Felony Freeway” a street that allows crooks to get home and stay off major boulevards or the highway. Usually a street that was a Main Street at some point but got left by the wayside over the years that ran into our city from Pomona in LA County. I notice off a side street a guy wobbling down the middle of the street headed to a disgusting trailer park.

Freudian Slip

September 1st, , If you just want to play around and have fun with out getting serious then I would just go for the body and not worry too much about the head unless it was totally hideous or something. Only if I was considering long term dating or being seen in public during the day with someone regularly would I consider the whole package. That’s what I used to do when I was hanging around with the girls here in the past. I’m on an extended hiatus from messing around with the women here for the time being.

It’s best just to go about ones life here in PI and do other things rather than focus on women all the time cause you’ll just go crazy dealing with all their BS from the majority of them.

Nobody wants to die. But its hard to go from wanting to die to suddenly being cheered up. If you say, “I want to die” and everyone else says, “Oh, cheer up, there’s so much to .

Random things of Late. Greetings again one and all! Alisha has been on my case, in a lovingly way though, that I update this blog. She says it is because she wants my peeps to know what is going on. But she admitted that, secretly, she likes to see what is on my mind. Anyhow, I figured that it was time to take a break from Gears and get this little fella updated.

And now onto the juicy stuff. In the previous blog, the one written by Alisha, she failed to mention one very important feature of me being in Kansas. I am the resident spider-killer in this apartment.

Freudian Slip

Short sighted government The Left perennially complains that corporations are short sighted, since they are run based on quarterly profit and loss reports for Wall Street. The Left complains that this focuses management on the short term, rather than the long term. While this is over stated, there’s a kernel of truth in the complaint. What the Left never does is apply that same analysis to how government runs.

Popurls encapsulates headlines from the most popular websites on a single page and is also known as the mother of all news aggregators. Invented by Thomas Marban.

All of the following quotations obviously excluding the linked material come from a sermon titled, “The Greatest Day in Church” apparently preached Calvary Chapel Old Bridge Old Bridge, NJ , on January 25, sermon available for sale or free for streaming here. I understand this is the church of the same “Pastor Lloyd” whose interview with Caner we recently addressed link to discussion of interview. References in parentheses are to the approximate starting place of the clip from which I’m quoting.

There is just so much here it is hard to organize it. However, I have tried to organize it. It includes many, though not all, of the apparent embellishments we have seen. The time stamps are approximate, and the transcription is my own.

Dumb and Funny Jokes

Monday, April 26, Hooker Chic Mothers have you been to the mall lately? I don’t go very often but the last time I did I was pretty horrified at what I saw. There is a new trend called “Hooker Chic” and the clothes are really reflective of that. They are displayed in the windows and on mannequins in many of the teen stores as well as some of the finer department stores.

I just don’t get it.

Jun 30,  · From TPM: During his questioning of Kagan, Grassley asked her not just about her opinion of Heller, McDonald or stare decisis, but about whether the right to bear arms predates the constitution Kagan is seeking to interpret on the : Gryphen.

There are two nice things about GM. First, unlike most BB stores, they buy and sell used guns, and not just high-end collector guns, but run-of-the-mill guns, too. At this GM, the new guns are behind the counter but the used guns are available for customers to fondle albeit with security locks on them. On the rack with all the old sporting rifles, I saw one that looked out of place.

But this one turned out to be something else entirely: Australian International Arms M A2 pictured above. However, this one is intriguingly available in 7. The caliber issue is significant to me. By limiting the number of calibers I can concentrate on acquiring ammo for the few calibers I have and then go shoot them. As for the 7. With ballistics similar to that of the venerable. Not too small as the 5. The final factor in the 7. Simonov for introducing us to this great cartridge.

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However, that number can be very misleading. Accurate calculations of average returns, taking all significant factors into account, can be challenging. The index primarily mirrors the overall performance of large-cap stocks. The 30 stocks that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average were previously considered the primary benchmark indicator for U.

A Freudian Slip is, as one wag has put it, “when you say one thing and mean your mother”.It is an involuntary word substitution that supposedly reveals something you’re repressing, hiding, or simply trying not to talk such, it’s a perfect tool for the comedy writer.

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Take a Freudian Sip. It is an involuntary word substitution that supposedly reveals something you’re repressing, hiding, or simply trying not to talk about. As such, it’s a perfect tool for the comedy writer.

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Gotta collect them all! Running low on space?

Dating Fails

The Solutrean hypothesis is a controversial proposal that peoples from Europe may have been among the earliest settlers in the Americas, as evidenced by similarities in stone tool technology of the Solutrean culture from prehistoric Europe to that of the later Clovis tool-making culture found in the Americas. It was first proposed in In this hypothesis, people associated with the Solutrean culture migrated from Ice Age Europe to North America, bringing their methods of making stone tools with them and providing the basis for later Clovis technology found throughout North America.

Share shares But the golden horn unfortunately looks very phallic – though the Cake Wrecks blog post author suggest it also looks like a cigar. A commenter suggested it also resembles a loaf of bread. The unicorn cake trend has swept social media, especially on Instagram The designer cake features a twisted horn, ears, eyes and a mane made of sprinkles and icing If the twisted fondant horn right is too difficult to make, keen bakers can substitute ice cream cones left While the unicorn cake looks difficult to make, it follows a deceptively simple recipe The fail stresses the importance of ensuring your unicorn cake has a pointed horn, if you attempt to make the magical bake yourself.

Canadian cake designer Jenna Rae has been credited with creating the unicorn cake at her bakery in Winnipeg last year. And while the intricate cakes are undoubtedly a pleasure to look at, they are deceptively simple to make yourself. Roll out a long, thin piece of fondant and separate it into two smaller pieces. Intertwine these pieces to make a twisted horn.

Use water to help them stick together.

Pop Culture

Since I don’t want to wait until , or even , I thought I would post on a random number, just like I me: It never stays the same. It was actually a prom dress! I don’t know why anyone would want a white prom dress but it worked for me!! A friend and I were just trying on prom dresses for fun, and I found it and the revelation dawned on me that I could buy it for a wedding dress!

I don’t think they knew Josh and I were that serious yet!

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Was The Malaysian Airlines Plane Shot By Accident?

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