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Tag: ary news

Local Government Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has said arrangements have been made to install a desalination plant with a capacity to convert four million gallons daily mgd of seawater into potable water, which will reach Karachi before Ramazan. A few more desalination plants will also be installed in the next three months with a capacity to convert 20mgd seawater into potable water which would further help meet water needs of the city. Mr Memon, who was speaking at a press conference after returning from Dubai in his office at Clifton on Monday, said the Sindh government had made all preparations for holding local bodies elections on Sept 20 and had told the election commission to make arrangements for the polls. He said during his visit to Dubai he had signed agreements with different companies for installing rental desalination plants to convert seawater into potable water. He said the 4mgd capacity water plant would be installed in Karachi before Ramazan while next month a memorandum of understanding would be signed for the installation of a plant with a capacity to convert 80mgd seawater into potable water. In reply to a question, he said free water supply from 1, tankers daily continued in water scarcity areas in the city under the supervision of deputy commissioners. Likewise, the minister said, the government had initiated some projects in different districts for water supply through the public health engineering department, for which Rs million had been allocated in the current budget.

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Long-dead novelists, generals and politicians all command their fair share of attention. And why do we buy such books? It’s not to learn about the sport in question, or how to read the news on TV, but to learn about the private lives of our heroes or those who have become as familiar to us as our own families. We want to know how events affected them, how they reacted to the highs and lows of life, what they thought about their friends and relations, the indignities they suffered, the triumphs they took part in.

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Learn everything about Shaan Shahid’s early life, childhood, family, career, movies, endorsements, marriage and future projects Yadgar Fish Exposed by Local News Channel! 7 Best Nihari Places in Karachi. He has also won ARY Film Awards in the best actor category for Waar in and an Honorary ARY Film Award for his outstanding.

Published January 22, by Farrah Naz Creating wedge between the Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Army and harming the image of Pakistan and its armed forces by means of stating concocted statements is always what India preferred and still doing it since independence. Pakistan always offers India for having peaceful relations. But opposite to that, Indian violations are on the peak for derailing the peace process. Indian menacing designs and blame game continues instead of welcoming the peace relations offer by Pakistan.

The basic reason is to slander the image of Pakistan Army and Government of Pakistan. Another thing which India likes the most is that blame game and putting false allegations on Pakistan and its armed forces. Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Army are keeping focus on improving ties with India and also to improve diplomatic norms with the neighbouring country but Indian media with the help of its leaders have a habit to put groundless accusations which has no reality just to decline the efforts made by Pakistan of improving the ties with India.

India, basically, does want peace in the region. Human Rights Violations including extra judicial killings, rapes etc are at peak in India but Indian leaders do not pay any kind of attention to it. As far as Kashmir issue is concerned, UN did not any pay kind of attention of it too.

Tag: ary news

Tweet on Twitter One of the highest paid actors in Pakistan Shaan Shahid celebrates his 45th birthday today on April 27th. Known for his good looks and power-packed performances, Shaan Shahid is mostly the reason audiences flock to see all the movies he stars in. Shaan opened his eyes in a showbiz family and was named Armaghan Shahid. Born and raised among the superstars of Lollywood, Shaan grew up watching the making of blockbusters.

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The Special Court on Thursday decided not to issue arrest warrant against former president Pervez Musharraf as he failed to appear before the court due to sudden sickness, Express News reported. The hearing will be resumed on January 6. The former military ruler faces treason charges under Article 6 for suspending, subverting and abrogating the Constitution, imposing an emergency in the country in November and detaining judges of the superior courts.

Sickness Musharraf fell sick on his way to the hearing of the treason case in the special court and his convoy was redirected to the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology in Rawalpindi. According to government officials, Musharraf complained of pain in his heart and was immediately taken to the hospital. Musharraf has now been transferred to the Coronary Care Unit from the Intensive Care Unit and is still being provided with medical assistance. She was, however, not allowed to see him.

The heart rate of Musharraf is reportedly not stable and a medical board was constituted to examine his health condition. The former military ruler will undergo angiography soon. Decision to treat him in Pakistan or abroad will be taken by the medical board after diagnosis.

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Either synchronise capabilities or screw up, postulates Syed Amir Haleem. Akhlaq established Adcom in , the agency has kept up with changing consumer trends and media choices. With digital ad spend continuing their upward increase according to the Aurora Fact File, digital ad spend crossed the Rs 5 billion mark in the FY , Adcom had the vision to recruit increasing numbers of digital specialists, including mobile experts, social media leads, video specialists, data analysts and software developers in order to provide their clients with the most up-to date digital media solutions.

The official versions of computer games were not available in Saudi Arabia; consequently, the usual hints and support were always missing. If you got stuck, you either waited until you, or someone else, figured the way out. I chose to hack into the code. With that came the need to transfer a large amount of data between friends and in , I brought home a bulky odd-looking device, called a modem, that would connect my landline telephone headset to the PC.

Just like that, this one, unassuming device ushered all of us into the online digital age. Although I was only a young kid having fun, it hit me how powerful this could be. I had no doubt it was the future. Yahoo came along in , ushering in the internet for people like you and I. However, in Pakistan, the internet was mostly a space to experiment in and have fun, and I did not use the internet in a professional capacity until , when I tried to share account management data between the Lahore and Karachi offices of Interflow.

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Share Tweet Email The country remains home to a large wealthy and Westernised elite that, in private, lives very differently. The air is thick with illicit smoke and shots of hard liquor are being passed around. Couples cuddle and kiss in a lounge. It is the secret side of Pakistan, a Muslim nation often described in the West as a land of bearded, Islamic hardmen and repressed, veiled women.

Pakistan was created out of Muslim-majority areas in colonial India 65 years ago, and for decades portrayed itself as a progressive Islamic nation. Starting in the s, however, it has been drifting towards a more conservative interpretation of Islam that has reshaped the political landscape, fuelled militancy and cowed champions of tolerance into silence.

Mar 18,  · Sadler, Sir Ralph, a politician and diplomatist; was employed by Henry VIII. in carrying out the dissolution of the monasteries, and conducted diplomatic negotiations with Scotland; distinguished himself at the battle of Pinkie; enjoyed the favour of Elizabeth; was Queen Mary’s keeper in the Castle of Tutbury; was the bearer of the news of.

The views expressed in the article above are his own No, this is not about the non-memogeist, though it was funny, and deeply ironic, how Akram Sheikh, the counsel for Mansoor Ijaz, lamented that neither the army nor Mian Nawaz Sharif seemed much interested in it any more. Did he imply that the army should have remained seized of the matter even if it meant deepening the crisis and seizing the reins of the government in collaboration with the judiciary and supported by the political opposition?

Seemed thus to me. All of this and much more, being routine and interminable we shall have time to write about. So, this week it is about the media and the do-gooders. She has taken it upon herself to rid the society of this menace, boys and girls responding to their hormones in this repressed society being the number one problem of this country. At the level of the primer, yes. The end, after all, is all — or, as Albert Camus said, even to achieve innocence we have to wade through bloodshed.

From the way she conducted the programme it is clear that she is even ignorant of the technical and professional requirements of the medium she is using to earn a hefty salary package. She typifies what TV has come to in this country ; not only that but also how people with no ideas and brains the size of peanuts have actually come to define the genre and become powerful and, yes, dangerous. But I am wrong. She is boorish and uncouth, as was her smirking, self-righteous posse who felt happy at chasing boys and girls in the parks of Karachi.

There are many aspects to this debate at the individual and collective levels. I would be the first to acknowledge that it is difficult to draw lines and even determine hard cases.

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It claims to represent Mohajirs— Urdu-speaking Muslims who fled to Pakistan from India after the partition of the subcontinent, and their descendants. In the mid s, the U. State Department, Amnesty International, and others accused the MQM-A and a rival faction of summary killings, torture, and other abuses see, e. The MQM-A routinely denied involvement in violence.

Sean Hannity insists he was ‘% truthful’ when he said he didn’t plan to speak at Trump’s rally, but was ‘honored’ to be invited, while Fox News says his appearance was an ‘unfortunate distraction’.

Former military ruler General retd Pervez Musharraf Thursday vowed to face all the criminal cases brought against him in his first interview since being placed under house arrest eight months ago. Musharraf has faced a range of criminal cases dating back to his — rule after returning to Pakistan from self-imposed exile in March, including the murder of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

He has been granted bail in the four main cases against him but remains under guard at his farmhouse in Islamabad for security reasons. There have been persistent rumours that a deal would be struck to allow Musharraf to leave the country without standing trial to avoid a clash between the government and the all-powerful military. But aides to the former commando have said he wants to stay and clear his name of all the charges against him.

So far the cases have proceeded slowly, edging from adjournment to adjournment with little clear progress apart from the granting of bail. In November the government announced it would put the year-old on trial for high treason and he has been ordered to appear before a special court on December Musharraf said Thursday that he was ready to face the trial. I will support Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif if he does any good for the country. Musharraf was put under house arrest in April, an unprecedented move against a former army chief in a country where the military holds huge power.

He was formally freed last month after a court granted him bail in the last criminal case against him.

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