The Future of Wild: Community – Developer Divide

The Future of Wild: Community – Developer Divide

Evening the Odds Originally Posted by Psyren That’s an interesting discussion topic in and of itself: Two Ways Show Traditional sideboarding is swapping out some cards after a match – either to beat the thing you just fought, or to anticipate their attempt to beat the thing you just won with. And if you let players choose whether they want to do best of 1 or best of 3 on ladder, now you’ve split your community and made queue times longer for everybody, much like Overwatch did when they added more Arcade modes. The flipside is that those new queues may simply end up becoming the new normal. That leaves the other kind of sideboard – doing it sight-unseen at the beginning of a match, when the only info you have to go on is the opponent’s class and their position on the ladder. Basically, embedding it into the mulligan phase. For some matchups this is easy – if I’m up against a Warrior deck that made it high up it’s probably control, while if I’m up against a Priest that made it high up it’s probably a combo deck. Against others it’s hard – Warlock is probably Zoo, but it could also be Handlock or Controlock. One the one hand, I’m in favor because it might give more decks a fighting change against aggro; you can put in more early speedbumps and removal, and then when you see a Warrior opposite you again, at a certain point on the ladder it’s probably control you swap those out for pressure or card draw instead. On the other hand, sideboarding screws classes that only have one viable high-tier deck archetype at the moment -Control Warrior and Combo Priest for example.

Will ranked play floors save the Hearthstone ladder?

The ranked ladder revamp has been announced! We’ll be seeing the changes go live at the beginning of the March season which is roughly a month away! The changes will be patched into the client in February, the same update where we may see a balance update. Here’s how the new ladder will work:

Upon victory (or a successful defense) you collect trophies that move you up a matchmaking ladder, resulting in harder challenges ahead. There’s also AI challenges to walk you through various types of defenses you might face, and it offers its own challenge with reward as well.

This is nothing else than one of these stupid tin-foil-hat theories – and the worst thing about it: Since Reynad reaches so many people with it, it will spread and lots of people will believe it. I am – yet again – disappointed by Reynad for being this reckles with spreading stuff like that. He know that his word carries some weight, and yet he uses it to spread stupid stuff like that. And honestly, it’s the same in every.

In LoL people claim that Riot matches them unfairly with other players to explain why they have win- and loss-streaks.

Maximizing Your Chances for a Top 100 Finish by F2K_Dethelor

With that said, say goodbye to the Year of the Mammoth and say hello to the Year of the Raven. And with the introduction of the Year of the Raven comes a few new reveals, including a new Hero and the next batch of Hall of Fame cards. A new Druid Hero was revealed on Tuesday morning. It’s the dryad Lunara, first daughter of Cenarius. Heroes of the Storm fans will recognize this character as the ranged assassin character first introduced after BlizzCon

Going Deep – FreeR to Play. January 23, neoneternal Uncategorized 14 comments. but we don’t play games of ladder with Packs, Gold, or Stones. We play them with decks! So, now we want to convert these numbers into the cost of a deck. and the Hearthstone Arena matchmaking protects players less (as I understand it). To have the.

But the bans were only temporary, and the problem players will be back in the game by the turn of the year. The subjects of a new wave of bans, says Blizzard, won’t be let off so easily. Community Manager Whirthun told forumgoers last night that win traders have and will continue to be banned — permanently: We’ve recently banned Hearthstone accounts that were found to be participating in win trading.

Win trading at any rank is something that we do not take lightly, and is in violation of our Terms of Use. As we mentioned in our previous statement regarding fair play in Hearthstone, instances of cheating will not be tolerated. Accounts that were discovered participating in win trading have received permanent account closure and disqualification from events where ranking is used as a method of qualification.

Win trading is an exploit of the matchmaking system to position accounts for easy ladder climbing. PC Gamer reports that several big-name Hearthstone players have already fallen to the ban, including a grey hat player who went public with the exploit nearly a year ago in the hopes of provoking Blizzard to fix it.


However, how you play in February will determine where you start in March. The game designers explain it all in a new video which can be seen below… There are several major changes being made to the Ranked Play system this March including: All players will reset four ranks back — Legend players will start at Rank 4, players at Rank 15 will start at Rank 19 and so on.

Kyoto Hearthstone Prepares for With the Hearthstone season well underway, I sat down with Kyoto eSports’ professional Hearthstone team and got their take on what is to come this year, as well as their experiences while being signed with Kyoto eSports.

A new month has begun, which usually encourages players to try out different stuff. Priest has seen a bump in play across all levels. Razakus Priest has had an incredible performance at the EU Summer Playoffs, where it was dominating a meta in which Druid was permanently banned. The archetype is also continuing to change while other decks have mostly stagnated in their card usage. Murloc Paladin has declined in play across all levels. The deck looked very powerful in the early days of KFT, but has since begun to exhibit a ceiling in its potential at higher levels of play.

Pirate Warrior has been largely unaffected. Mage continues to display quite a diverse set of strategies, but none of them have been taking off in terms of play rate. The reason is simple; there are barely any noticeable trends that make for compelling analysis. The bottom 4 classes perfectly illustrate this.

How Hearthstone’s ladder changes will benefit everyone

Hearthstone may be a hugely popular digital card game , but it still faces a surprise criticism: That new expansions are already causing power creep. This occurs when new expansion cards overpower content from the base game, forcing everyone to adopt the latest expansions if they want to keep up. And sure enough, senior designer Ben Brode admitted many Hearthstone’s Basic Cards are really, really bad – but that’s the point. In his recent designer video, Brode explains that Basic Cards are less powerful to teach how the game works while giving new players a stronger sense of progression.

Elite heroes of the Alliance and the Horde fight for glory in Arenas and Battlegrounds. The top players in your region are immortalized here.

We tend to fear change especially when that change concerns stepping from somewhere comfortable and into an unknown. Growing up, I was scared of the dark. I think most children think they are scared of the dark, but are they? I think change is the same kind of fear. I broke through this fear as a child by memorizing every aspect of my room, and eventually my entire house, and how it looked in the light.

Then, when the lights went out, I memorized every aspect of my house in the dark and compared them to each other. Yes, I am a cerebral person, and yes, I was a cerebral kid. Everyone has their quirks and coping mechanisms, right? It may be a different kind of wolf, but what is important is to see the wolf as he is now.

So funktioniert das Matchmaking in Hearthstone

Ranking percentages[ edit edit source ] While the ranks provide a handy guide to your progression within the Ranked play system, they do not directly state your success in relation to other players. However, while ranks change rapidly over the course of each season, by the conclusion of any season a certain percentage of players will have attained each rank. With a knowledge of the percentage of players at each rank, it is therefore possible to state a player’s overall ranking within their region ‘s Ranked play competitors.

The following data, released by Blizzard in September , [23] shows the average percentage of active players at each rank at the end of any given season, based on combined data from Seasons It should be noted that this data was gathered prior to the introduction of “milestone” ranks at 15, 10 and 5; as a result it may be out of date. Players at or above rank 15 are in at least the top

To see how you stack up against the competition, enter Ranked mode, where you’ll increase your medal ranking as you duel others in a tiered ladder system. Whether you’re a grizzled veteran, a curious newcomer, or fall somewhere in between, matchmaking will pair you up .

Blizzard announced on Twitter the Ranked Play ladder is changing, and Hearthstone game director Ben Brode detailed what players can expect in the video below. Check out the video below to see what to expect, as well as the philosophy and intentions behind the update. He also said players at the bottom end of the ladder “don’t get enough progression,” and some players feel they are “hitting a wall” after hitting Rank To alleviate these issues, starting with the March season, all players will be reset by only four ranks.

This means players ending a season at Rank 15 will begin the next season at Rank 19, and players reaching Legend will reset to Rank 4 the following season. In addition, every rank will now be 5 stars, so all players should now experience the same amount of progression. Brode says these two changes will work together to address matchmaking issues.

Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough and guide

This article shines light on what I think about ranked ladder. Having played Hearthstone for over a year now I think I speak for a lot of people when I say: We need a huge improvement for the current ranked ladder system. Right now there are basically three major flaws within the current system:

BlizzCon – Hearthstone Press Q&A. Written by medievaldragon on November 13, Posted in BlizzCon , Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Uncategorized. This Hearthstone Q&A took place at BlizzCon in a private room where press and fansite members could ask questions to Ben Brode and Jason Chayes.

With all focus on Journey to Un’Goro and the various meta changes going on a few developer comments have been overlooked. There haven’t been a ton either with most of the team away from social media while the community continues to digest and figure out Hearthstone’s latest expansion. We’ve dug through all of the most prominent Blizzard social media accounts from the Hearthstone team and found that Game Director Ben Brode is pretty much the only one going somewhat in-depth with his comments currently.

Among them were a few important notes including a surprising announcement that the team has “decided not to” add Ranked win rewards beyond the mark – at which point golden heroes are unlocked. Because of this, they are going to add this frequently requested feature “soon. Currently the only way to obtain cards that have rotated out of Standard is to craft it using Arcane Dust at four times the amount of dust the card would normally disenchant for.

This makes the game mode and the idea of having a complete collection reprehensibly expensive. Adventures, which are now being discontinued and merged into expansions, have been one of the more controversial talking points as it stands as single-player content and not just a collection of cards. The Year of the Mammoth Standard rotation has also caused some disruption in the Casual matchmaking system leading to a highly increased win rate among new players.

While this sounds okay at face value, it leads to the newcomers attempting Ranked where “matchmaking is much worse. For now, just know that any Warriors with a weapon from outside their class are likely running Molten Blade. Added a follow-up question and response to the first question.

[Hearthstone] Why Ranked Play Is Horrible

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